From planning crops to washing harvest totes, every job on the farm is important.  All parts of the farm must run smoothly because they are all interconnected.  We strive to provide a consistent, high quality product to our customers while taking good care of the land, and ourselves.

One Leaf Farm is a commercial farm that runs a lean operation.  The workday is packed with activity.  Everyone on the farm has a role, every day of the week comes with its full list of tasks.  We strive to hone our production systems for optimum efficiency; streamlining operations, reducing waste, and getting a lot done at work, so that we can have a balanced work/life schedule.

For the coming 2017 season we're developing our Lead Team, splitting managerial duties into multiple leadership positions with defined responsibilities.  Rand, the farm owner, will be working closely with the Lead Team, to direct operations.

One Leaf Farm wants to create fulfilling jobs for folks who want to stay with the farm for years.

To apply for a position please provide:
-Resume, including related work experience
-Cover letter, specifying why you want to work at One Leaf Farm
-Professional references

Available Positions

Tractor Lead

The Tractor Lead is responsible for all tractor tillage, bed preparation, amendment applications, and weed management implementation needs for the farm.
Start ASAP  -   Expect to work Tuesday-Saturday, but available for additional shifts if weather permits tractor work.

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Farm Crew

Crew Member is responsible for helping in daily farm tasks such as harvesting, weeding, planting, tending to crops, and cleaning.  This is an entry level position, with an opportunity for advancement.

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